GETREPLIES RELEASE 1.1 (2024-06-10)

Product guide

1. Introduction

This is a product demo of GetReplies AI, a Gen AI tool for personalized email campaigns to target 10% response rate.

2. Signup

The signup process is very simple and straightforward. There is an OTP based login which requires you to signup with your work email ID. In the signup process, all you need to compulsorily share is your name. The remaining details are optional, but helpful to improve quality of the emails that the AI will write for you.

5. About seller’s product

Second input is about the seller’s product. A short blurb is all that is needed for our AI to understand the problem, the solution, and the value proposition. In case you have case studies and want to include that in your outreach, then you can input details about the same, but this is not mandatory.

6. Upload contacts

Third input is the CSV file containing the contact details of the prospects for whom you want to run the email campaign. You must upload the file and then map the relevant data fields that the AI needs to start writing personalized emails for each of the prospects.

8. Connect mailboxes

Next, select the mailboxes that you want to use to send emails for this campaign. You can add new mailboxes if needed or select mailboxes that you have already added in your previous campaigns.

Once you have connected your mailboxes, click execute, confirm the credits that will be spent and wait for the AI to write personalized emails for all the prospects in the CSV file that you have uploaded.

Note that this may take around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the file that you have uploaded.